Board of Directors

Staff & Board

The Board of Directors works with staff and community members to develop a strategic plan for the Mennonite New Life Centre, and then monitors progress in achieving key goals and priorities.

As volunteers, Board Members offer external expertise and oversight to ensure compliance with legal requirements, as well as effective and responsible use of resources.

Current Board Members

Miriam Reesor, Board Chair (Hagerman Mennonite Church)

Mohan Doss, Vice-Chair (Community at Large)

Helen Griebeling, Board Member (Mississauga Fellowship Mennonite Church)

Julia He, Board Member (Community at Large)

Evan Heise, Board Member (MCC)

Miriam Wiebe, Secretary (Toronto Mennonite New Life Church)

Laurie Hadden, Board Member (Rouge Valley Mennonite Church)

Sam Sivarajan, Treasurer (Community at Large)

If you support our mission, become a Friend of the Mennonite and register as a member of our organization. Community members can attend, speak and vote at the MNLCT Annual General meeting and are eligible to serve on the MNLCT Board of Directors and Board Committees.