From Garden to Table

From Garden to Table:
Bridging Generations for a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

This initiative from the Mennonite New Life Centre and FoodShare seeks to facilitate access to a healthy lifestyle at the lowest cost possible by educating Spanish-speaking newcomer seniors and youth on the importance of health and wellbeing and acquiring healthy eating habits.

Program objectives

The year-long FREE program will explore fresh produce distribution, food literacy education, urban agriculture and community cooking. Seniors will use this knowledge to mentor newcomer youth on healthy eating, working together to harvest community container gardens, a sustainable way to access fresh, healthy foods.

At the end of the program, seniors will share cultural recipes with youth through cooking lessons, building intergenerational relationships established in healthy living and sustainable practices such as healthy food choices, gardening, and healthful, culturally-appropriate cooking classes.

Program benefits

Our approach at “From Garden to Table” will enable Spanish-speaking seniors to take leadership roles by sharing their experience and knowledge with others, resulting in newcomer seniors feeling valued and included, which will reflect on their family dynamics and social interactions.

During the program, seniors address common issues, such as, how to improve mobility through physical activity; how to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by healthy eating, and sharing and gathering personal experiences around eating and the importance of making healthy choices.

This project will provide each participant with the tools to become a happier person, and become socially and cross-culturally responsible leaders by carefully taking action to achieve a common goal: Facilitating access to a healthy lifestyle at the lowest cost possible.

In a nutshell, seniors will embark on a year-long program when they first receive training and leadership development, becoming educators. Then, through group work and community participation, they will cook and share with younger generations.


FoodShare, a non-profit community food organization, will facilitate a series of workshops on community and container/balcony gardening techniques, organic pest control practices, cold weather growing and cooking classes. Then, seniors will take the lead to facilitate workshops and activities intended for youth. These workshops will include conflict resolution skills, group discussions, cultural celebrations, cooking, gardening and storytelling on the importance of healthy eating in our daily life.

Language of instruction

At this stage, the program is being offered to the Spanish-speaking community. Some workshops are facilitated in English with interpretation into Spanish. Other workshops run in Spanish only.

Program details

The program runs from April 6, 2016 until March 31, 2017. Participants can join at any time during the year, but we recommend to start as early as possible to fully benefit from the program.
Every Wednesday afternoon, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM
Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto
1774 Queen St. East. Toronto, ON M4L 1G7


Contact Martha Juarez or call (416) 699-4527 x 235


The program is completely FREE, including all the materials.

We can provide TTC tokens to low-income participants.

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