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Pavlos’s Story

Pavlos’s Story

Pavlos left his beautiful city of Athens, to marry a Canadian woman. He and his Toronto- born wife, Agnes, met via friends on Facebook. They communicated in what he calls “Greeklish,” her Greek being second-generation and almost as poor as his English! Eventually they decided to meet, and she flew to Athens. Later, he came to visit Toronto. When they decided to marry, the big question was, would they live in Toronto or Athens, and Toronto won.


Pavlos is very anxious to become fluent in English so he can get back to work. He said he has always loved working, and for 25 years he worked in a chocolate factory. He said he could always work in a factory again, but he is open to finding a job in a new field. “I get very bored when I don’t work,” Pavlos said. Although Pavlos had only been in Canada for ten days at the time of our interview, his English, a charming version of “Greeklish,” was already pretty easy to understand. This was because he took a crash course in English back home in Greece prior to emigrating.


In comparing the two countries, Pavlos said, “Although my country is very beautiful with lots of sunshine, I love that the people here are so kind, so very kind.”

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