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Thank you for expressing interest in submitting a feature onto the MNLCT news feeds. We welcome quality content from Alumni on topics relevant to your profession and experiences as a newcomer.

If you have news or information to share about your profession, your career journey, resources, or developments, please submit it here. We are seeking previously unpublished original content that is informational and includes valuable takeaways. Our primary focus is on newcomer experience, career journey and career-related topics, but please contact us if you have a unique idea in mind so we can discuss it. Topics can range from mental health, media & communications, settlement, etc.

Before submitting, please check that your article is:

·       Informational. This is an opportunity to share leading-edge information or a great story to inspire others

·       Original. Ensure that your work is your own and fully attribute any material you reference.

·       Professional. Your article must be well-written and as error-free as possible.

Please attach your article and we will review your submission. If it is approved, we will schedule it to be posted on our news feed. We reserve the right to edit, modify, or delete any content prior to uploading it to the news feed. You will receive an email confirming the date your article will be posted.

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