Service Standards

Our Services Standards outline the guiding principles of our work and the treatment you can expect when you visit us or participate in programs at the Mennonite New Life Centre.

We welcome your feedback to let us know whether we are living up to these standards. Fill out our online feedback form here.


We will respect your dignity, your goals and your right to make your own decisions about your settlement and integration process in Canada.


We will maintain your best interest as our first priority. We will do everything within our means to assist you and advocate for you.


We will maintain up-to-date knowledge and competence in the provision of newcomer programs and services. If we do not offer the service you need, we will refer you to an appropriate resource.

Community Engagement

We will work together with newcomer communities for social change, in an effort to reduce insecurity and enable integration, strengthen voices and increase social equality.


In our services and advocacy, we will acknowledge and challenge barriers and discrimination on grounds including ethnicity, race/colour, religion/creed, political opinion, country of origin, citizenship/immigration status, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, family status, type of housing, neighbourhood of residence, language, and ability.


We can help you understand your rights. As we are able, we will support you in making a complaint when you feel that you have been mistreated.

Human Rights

We will treat you with respect, and will not use oppressive language or exhibit discriminatory behaviour. If you feel that you have been mistreated, you are encouraged to make a complaint, in person or in writing, to the Program Manager or Executive Director.


We will respect the confidentiality of personal information you disclose to us. We shall disclose such information to a third party only when required by law to do so, or when you consent to disclosure.


We will not take any kind of action that we feel to be unethical. For example, we will not communicate false information about your situation when advocating on your behalf.

Client Satisfaction

We will regularly seek feedback on our programs and services. We are committed to using your feedback to improve our work, making it more responsive to the needs and aspirations of newcomers.

Gratuity of Services

We provide all services free of charge. No one should ask for payment to bring you to the Mennonite New Life Centre. If this happens, please talk to the Program Manager or Executive Director.