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How we help: Programs & Services

Improving Your Wellbeing

Working with you to manage the emotional challenges of your integration process


The Helping Our Newcomers Prepare for Employment Success (HOPES – Employment) program offers individual counselling, coaching and group support to redefine your employment goals and develop action plan to take the first steps.
Language Instruction Giving Hope to Trauma Survivors (LIGHTS) is an alternative language program for those who have difficulties with functional English as a second language communication and have emotional and cognitive barriers for learning.


As We are Group

An affirmative and positive support group for LGBTQIA+ people. A space to connect, to explore, to belong, and have fun.
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Emotional Intelligence for Families/Youth/Children

A series of workshops promoting healthy relationships by reducing stress and developing self-esteem and parenting skills.
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Individual Counter Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence Support

Comprehensive case management and trauma informed services for individuals who have experienced any form of human trafficking and/or gender-based violence. In partnership with Aurora House.

Individual Mental Health Counselling

Emotional support for newcomers struggling with stress or trauma, to promote resilience, strength and wellbeing at an individual and community level.
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Newcomer Support App

Provide virtual tools to better support immigrants and refugees who are settled or settling in Ontario. Developed in partnership with iCent.

Seniors Groups

Mandarin- and Spanish-speaking seniors groups to help newcomers socialize, network, support each other, and have some physical activity.
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Toronto New Life Wellness Place

The Wellness Place is an initiative of the Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto (MNLCT) which provides a suite of wellness services within a welcoming, multicultural, and multilingual environment, all while supporting immigrant talent.


The Supporting Family Connections Service is run by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society and MNLCT’s Community Mental Health team.
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We provide short-term counselling (maximum 12 sessions based on your needs assessment). Mental Health (MH) team members apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and/or Solution Focused therapy depending on what best fits your issues/concerns.

Among the main reasons for seeking counselling within our team are adjustment issues, unresolved grief, emotional management, mild depression and anxiety symptoms, interpersonal conflict.

Referrals can be made by community workers, or self-referrals. You should call the centralized intake team at MNLCT and once your file and your needs assessment are created, the intake worker will make the referral to the Mental Health (MH) team. The first appointment is scheduled with one of our MH intake workers. During the mental health interview (phone interview or in-person), the MH intake worker will assess your current situation, and will determine if we can provide the mental health services needed in our organization. If you meet the requirements to receive the service internally, an appointment will be booked with a counsellor for further support.

Currently we offer counselling in English, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Yes, but the length of the waiting list depends on staff availability. However, the team tries to keep the waiting list short.

We are a team of internationally trained counsellors/psychologists. Some are staff, volunteers, interns, or placement students who might not yet have a license in Canada. Those who are not registered provide services under supervision.

We provide our services to all newcomers who need emotional support to overcome the cultural shock as they integrate in a new society.

Services are offered in a hybrid model: online/by phone, and/or in-person.

The Farsi- and Spanish-speaking Women’s Groups, and the Spanish-speaking Men’s Group are culturally specific peer groups who gather once a week to support and learn from each other. These groups help to reduce isolation by developing a sense of connection and social communication. You can join these groups by expressing your interest during the centralized intake process or to your community worker.

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“Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto has a lot of angels. Thank you all for helping me to be myself again.”

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