The Open Arms Movement – WE WILL BE ONE

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Stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees and let them know that you welcome them with Open Arms!

The Open Arms Movement was inspired by a group of youth at the New Life Centre who discussed vehemently the challenges they face growing up as young, immigrant, racialized males within the context of the recent rise in tensions and conflicts from around the world. They believe that inclusivity, feeling welcomed and being accepted is a right and not a privilege!

They put their experiences down on paper to pen a “call to arms” song that asks us all to treat each other with respect, to open up our minds and hearts to others, and to remember that we are all one!

Listen now to “We Will Be One”, the song that has inspired the Open Arms Movement!

All monies raised will be used to support inclusive programming at the New Life Centre that helps newcomers, immigrants and refugee from around the world to obtain the skills and knowledge they need to build a meaningful life in a new country.

Maple Keys Campaign

Maple keys carry the seeds that root and grow into Canada’s proud maple trees. Your support today, like a maple key, can help establish the roots of new Canadians, and grow a proud, strong and inclusive Canada.

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Through training initiatives, we provide cultural competency development such as citizenship and parenting classes, language instruction and a bridging program for internationally trained mental health professionals. We encourage participation of newcomers in their communities by engaging them in civic literacy education and providing them with a space to explore their experiences as newcomers.

Your support is valuable.

The successes of the Centre and its clients and participants are only made possible by the generous support we receive from those who fund and donate to our work. Our Annual General Report will provide you with the details on how past contributions are making a difference in the lives of newcomers.

A donation to the Centre this year means that we will continue to provide meaningful settlement, employment and mental health services to immigrants and refugees.

So, please make your donation today. Donations of $20 and over will be issued a tax receipt.

Thank you for walking with us as we walk together with newcomers.

A letter from the Executive Director

Letter from Shelly

Other Campaigns:

Youth-group-scarboroughYour donation of $25 will provide TTC tokens, refreshments, and workshop materials for one Emotional Intelligence workshop participant.

Your donation of $25 will provide TTC tokens and refreshments for participants at one group meeting.

Your donation of $25 will provide TTC tokens and refreshments for participants at one group meeting.

Celebrating contributions… 

The contributions of newcomers to Canada are many and reflect the capacity of newcomers to share with their communities their depth of experiences, knowledge and talent.

We share with you these meaningful stories that highlight the integration journey of newcomers who are making a difference and the role the Mennonite New Life Centre played in shaping the lives of these individuals and their families.

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