#AskMNLCT: MNLCT’s Mobile App Journey

On January 14th, 2021 we discussed our partnership with iCent and how they helped us develop our MNLCT Newcomer Support App that benefits our clients, staff and the industry.

MNLCT Newcomer Support App

We shared the significance of this project and how such applications can be useful for non-profit organizations considering embarking on a similar journey. 

Speakers from MNLCT and iCent were present to share our experience where we highlighted considerations for other organizations’ journeys, such as:

  • Purpose of the app, and features needed
  • Organizational readiness
  • Client readiness and how to bridge gaps
  • Content creation and maintenance
  • Data privacy and security for vulnerable clients, and
  • Costs


Shelly D’Mello – Executive Director, MNLCT
Ganesh Neelanjanmath
 – Founder & CTO, iCent
Nancy Sanchez
 – IT Manager, MNLCT
Nicole Chung
 – Digital Outreach Coordinator, MNLCT
Tracy Docheff – Communications Manager, MNLCT (facilitator)

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"The Mennonite New Life Centre and its BEMC program came in very handy for me at the lowest ebb of my life by providing a lifeline and I am eternally grateful for that,”

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