Finding a Job

Kibbi App

Kibbi is a mobile app and online job board that provides job seekers with the best opportunities in their local area. Find jobs & resources near you on a map. Receive job alerts & direct invitations from local businesses. View job descriptions and chat with employers in 60 languages. Write your resume and cover letter in seconds.

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The Bridge for Immigrant Women Reskilling into IT Professions (C-Women) Program helps professionals with a technological background who identify as women to explore the IT sector in Canada. Participants gain a better understanding of Canadian job search processes and specifically Python coding. The objective of this program is to help leverage your fundamental IT skills and institutional knowledge and upskill in Python coding training.

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The Bridge to Registration & Employment in Mental Health (BREM) program supports immigrant mental health professionals (e.g. counselling, social work, medicine with specialization in psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, psychotherapy, therapy focusing on mental health, divinity counselling, etc.) who wish to work and license in their field.

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The Entrepreneurial Excellence and Leadership (EXL) program provides the learning, resources, coaching, peer support and guidance to be self-employed and to start your own business, connecting you with community partners.

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The Helping Our Newcomers Prepare for Employment Success (HOPES – Employment) program offers individual counselling, coaching and group support to redefine your employment goals and develop action plan to take the first steps.

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