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Making employment more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Connecting job seekers with local job opportunities

We are excited to introduce you to a platform that can help your job search journey in Canada. Kibbi is dedicated to making employment more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Why Choose Kibbi?

  • Job Opportunities: Find jobs in Canada, tailored to your skills, preferences and location. 
  • Ease of Use: With Kibbi, job applications and resume creation are simplified and supported by AI, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – securing your dream job. 
  • Inclusivity: Overcome language barriers with Kibbi’s multilingual support, as our app supports over 17 languages. Plus, chat with an employer in your native language, and we’ll help translate it into English.  

Key Kibbi App Features

  • Skip the commute! Find jobs & resources near you on a map
  • Receive job alerts & direct invitations from local businesses.
  • View job descriptions and chat with employers in 60 languages
  • Kibbi AI supports resume and cover letter in seconds

Discover Kibbi: Your Gateway to Canadian Jobs

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"The Mennonite New Life Centre and its BEMC program came in very handy for me at the lowest ebb of my life by providing a lifeline and I am eternally grateful for that,”

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