I was attracted to the opportunity to study and understand the media landscape of Canada: Lidiia’s Story

By Youdon Tenzin

Lidiia Karpenko, an experienced journalist from Ukraine, immigrated to Canada in 2022 during the Russian invasion of her country. She was a live radio host, conducting interviews and creating podcasts on topics ranging from health, social life and culture. Her work extended to the television industry, where she crafted plots, current affairs and program scripts.


Lidiia’s first encounter with the Bridge to Employment in Media and Communications (BEMC) program was when a settlement consultant told her to look into bridging programs. Since English was not her mother tongue, she focused on learning the language so she could reach the desired level for the program. To better understand BEMC, she also attended an informative session.

I was attracted to the opportunity to study and understand the media landscape of Canada, the rules by which the media work here and the code of journalists.”

She also found that the program helped her in networking as she didn’t have any contacts in the Canadian media industry.

Lidiia remembers how over the months of studying, she bonded with her classmates. She learned how to create portfolio websites, update her resume and maintain her LinkedIn page. The theoretical knowledge she acquired through the program were put to practice, something that was great for honing her skills.

Thanks to the program, I became more confident. I know how to present myself, communicate at interviews and create resumes, depending on the position.”

She enjoyed the active discussions and creative activities that were organized by her instructors. She fondly remembers the field trip to CityTV, which reminded her of her work back in Ukraine before the war.  

Since graduating, she has written for The Globe and Mail. Lidiia’s advice for future BEMC students is this, “Even with a lot of experience behind you, remember that you always need to learn and improve your knowledge and skills. Be open to new things and take advantage of all opportunities for professional growth.”

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