She-Covery Program Info Session

She-Covery Program Info Session

Do you self-identify as a woman? Do you live in Ontario?

Would you like to:

  • upgrade your employability skills after being unemployed or stuck in a survival job?
  • join the Canadian job market for the first time?
  • change your career or simply find a job you love?

The She-Covery Response Program offers you a safe space to identify who you are, what you bring, and where you want to go. It helps you to redefine your life and career goals by helping you develop an action plan and track your own progress.

Join the She-Covery Info Session on October 20th at 4pm (EST) as we will be discussing

  • how we can help you get back on your feet
  • what support we offer you for free
  • how our services can lead to a better job!

Your new life is ahead of you. Make the most out of it!

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"The Mennonite New Life Centre and its BEMC program came in very handy for me at the lowest ebb of my life by providing a lifeline and I am eternally grateful for that,”

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