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Want to upgrade your career skills and improve your interpersonal communication in the Canadian workplace?

Worklplace Communication in Canada

Apply for the Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) Program today! The WCC Program starts on March 20, 2021

The program cost is fully covered by the Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) bursary, an amount of $2,780.
Courses are offered in a combined virtual and online mode of delivery with the mandatory virtual sessions taking place on 15 Saturdays, ending on July 14th.

Upon successful completion of the WCC Program, participants receive a Professional Development Award.

Courses Offered

  • Effective Speaking and Listening (CDCE 700)

This course is designed for IEP who require improvement of their oral communication in the workplace. The course will offer bi-weekly classes of highly experiential activities using real-life Canadian workplace activities. Participants will improve their fluency, clarity, and overall oral communication skills in a supportive and creative learning environment.

  • Client-Centred Communication (CDCE 720)

This course is designed to help IEP explore and practise customer focused behaviours common to the Canadian workplace in a safe environment fully supported by professional coaching. Through practical simulations and case studies, participants will practise strategies of dealing with common customer related situations and issues related to client-driven environment, while applying relevant evidence-based practice methods.

  • Presenting with Impact (CDCE 730)

This course is designed to provide IEP with practical persuasion, negotiation, and presentation skills essential to professional success in the Canadian workplace. Participants will explore cultural influences on business negotiations and develop a solid understanding about the role and value of effective public speaking in the workplace. By the end of the course, the participants will have acquired and practiced skills for designing and delivering persuasive and impactful presentations. In addition to persuasive writing and negotiating skills, successful participants will also learn and demonstrate effective networking and self-advocating skills through interactive, workplace-related activities.

  • Teamwork Communication (CDCE 740)

This course is designed to help IEP enhance professional success through practising effective behaviours in the Canadian workplace environment. Through simulations and case studies learners will practise dealing with culturally and ethically challenging situations in the workplace, personal career planning, networking, strategic planning, and effective team and group work. Learning will be conducted in a safe environment fully supported by professional coaching.


  • Bachelor’s degree from outside of Canada
  • Minimum Level 6 in all 4 CLB scores
  • Ontario resident with Canadian citizenship, permanent resident card or Protected Person PPSD

Application Deadline is February 28, so make sure to save your spot!

For registration, please contact: Danielle Wei,

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