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Pavlos’s Story

Pavlos left his beautiful city of Athens, to marry a Canadian woman. He and his Toronto- born wife, Agnes, met via friends on Facebook. They communicated in what he calls “Greeklish,” her Greek being second-generation and almost as poor as…

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New friends & new activities

The newcomer children are enjoying the new sensory activity-Shaving Cream Fun. They speak different home languages: Edward speaks Korean, Shuha and Qaisar speak Arabic, Lily speaks Mandarin, Hany speaks Spanish. They make friends and play cooperatively in our Care for…

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Sunetra’s Story

Before we came here, back in my home country I started reading reviews that it was difficult to be regulated and have a license here and a lot of medical doctors were driving Uber. We went there because there was…

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Holiday Crafts (Linc 3-4 Classes)

At the New Life Centre, when holidays approach throughout the year, the LINC teachers make an effort to teach students about the meaning and cultural aspect of that particular holiday. They sometimes teach crafts, special and fun facts as well…

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From Aleppo to Tim Hortons….!!!!

LINC students Rana and Rasha are sisters and attend our LINC Program along with Eleanor (Rana’s daughter)  since we launched the courses at Victoria Park and McNicoll back in September / 2016.  They arrived in Canada last year and –the three of them- are some of our several…

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