MNLCT provides comprehensive support for starting a new life in Canada: Diana’s Story 


By Claudia Porras

A year ago, Diana, her husband, and two daughters made the life-changing decision to relocate to Canada from Mexico.

Originally a sociologist, Diana had more recently been working as a yoga instructor and CrossFit trainer. Diana’s priority had always been the well-being of her daughters and her career shift had provided a better work-life balance. Now, concerned about their safety in Mexico, the couple opted to move to Canada.

When she first arrived, getting a job was challenging due to the complexity of her professional profile and the long gap in employment. It was when Diana felt lost in the unfamiliar job search process that a friend recommended the MNLCT, where she was warmly welcomed. She enrolled in the She-Covery Program and participated in the Employment Readiness Program.

[The She-Covery counsellor] was amazing, she dedicated herself to me, giving me one hour of one-on-one counseling, trying to explain to me the form of a CV in Canada and the strategies for showing my talent to employers. After 3 months of hard work, the effort gave the result, I received the proposals for jobs” she recalls.

Currently, Diana is training individuals in housekeeping as well as coaching CrossFit at a gym, and she feels motivated to develop her skills starting with basic tasks and gradually progressing.

Along with employment training, Diana received comprehensive support from the Centre, including help registering their youngest daughter in high school, navigating the city via public transportation, and accessing food banks.

At MNLCT, I received invaluable support from the staff without having to give anything in return. They made me feel that I was not alone and provided immense support to me and my family during our difficult beginning.”

Diana is confident that all her efforts are worthwhile since she knows her family will have a better quality of life in Canada.

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“The people who work for MNLCT are not only professionals, but also have a deep sense of empathy, which is very important when dealing with newcomers.”

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