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Let’s PLAY! – Integration Through Recreation (ITR) project uses organized sport as a vehicle to promote inclusion and integration of Refugees and Vulnerable Newcomer Youth (RVNY), into their communities. 

 ITR’s main objective is to help RVNY to:

  • Navigate and understanding support services in Ontario
  • Make informed decisions about life in Ontario
  • Building a sense of connection within and outside their communities
  • Develop positive personal attributes (e.g., leadership, confidence, resilience)
  • Improve their overall health and wellbeing.

No experience required! Players of all abilities are welcome to join.

“This program is effective in provided the environment and resources for newcomers to feel welcomed and build relationships through a fun and engaging activity. The first couple of weeks really set the tone of each Wednesday being a bright spot in our weeks to come and enjoy each other’s company through competition. You can really tell than those involved, both staff and members, are there because we are passionate about the program and its purpose.”

New comer Participant

The program is currently not running, but we plan on doing so in the near future. Check back for updates!

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In-person English classes for beginners are now available at our Keele office from Monday to Friday.Check details here.