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In this edition: Last Chance to Join She-Covery Program | Join us at Job Connect Café | Services Available in Dari/Pashto | Inspiring Career Stories: Ruth’s Story | Event Calendar | MNLCT Newcomer Support App | Help Newcomers Make Canada Home

Last Chance to Join our She-Covery Program!

She-Covery Program

The She-Covery Program offers employment training and learning labs that can assist unemployed and underemployed women with long-term and short-term career planning. Learn essential employability skills and take your career to the next level.

  • Life and Career Plan
  • Employment Readiness Series
  • Learning Labs
  • Employment Support

Register before March 31!


MNLCT Online Job Fair and Expo

Join us at Our Job Connect Café

Date: March 10, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

An interactive job expo where you will connect with employers and potential job opportunities.

Get advice, tips and information about the various Bridging programs and how we can assist you in becoming an entrepreneur.


Services Available in Dari/Pashto

We now have settlement services in two official Afghan languages, Dari and Pashto. Watch our videos from one of our Settlement Workers in Dari, Pashto, or English to learn more about our settlement services.

Inspiring Career Stories

Ruth’s Story
One word that brought change to life

“It was a struggle […] to move on, but I did not want to do the intake work anymore. “I wanted to know other careers that I could explore and wanted to find a college but couldn’t put a name on it,” Read More

Event Calendar

Learning LabsMon (6-8pm)Register
Employment ReadinessTues, Thurs (1-4pm)Register
C-Women Info SessionMar 8th (1-3pm)Register
BREM Info SessionMar 3rd (1-3pm)Register
BEMC Info SessionMar 10th (1-3pm)Register
Job Connect CaféMar 10th (3-5pm)Register


Programs and Services

 Join a free online language program (LINC)

Improve your English language proficiency in a supportive, friendly and welcoming learning environment .

Learn more





Bridging Programs

Join a full-time or part-time Bridging Program and start your career in Social Service, Journalism/Professional writing or Computer Programming.

Learn more





Mental Health Supports

Connect with a highly skilled professional counsellor for advice and referral. Supportive counselling sessions are available for newcomers dealing with stress, trauma or culture shock.

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Settlement & Employment Services

Our settlement services provide a wide range of information and programs to support you in your settlement journey. Our settlement workers can customize a pathway that can help you navigate life, family, work, and school.

Learn more




MNLCT Newcomer Support App

Find a wide range of information on programs and services.

MNLCT’s Newcomer Support App is accessible, user-friendly and comes in 4 language settings, English, Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. With the Newcomer Support App, you can also upload your registration documents, book appointments and register for programs. 



Download the App


Help Newcomers Make Canada Home

A donation to the Centre means that we will continue to provide meaningful settlement, employment and mental health services to immigrants and refugees.


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"The Mennonite New Life Centre and its BEMC program came in very handy for me at the lowest ebb of my life by providing a lifeline and I am eternally grateful for that,”

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