Bridging Programs

Since 2009, MNLCT has bridged hundreds of immigrant professionals into meaningful employment in their field in Canada, with more than 85% of graduates gaining employment in their chosen fields.

What can you gain by taking one of our bridging programs?

Our bridging programs offer:

  • a deeper understanding of Canada to help you make sense of this country
  • a good handle on Canadian work culture and communication to help you “fit in” and build a successful career
  • learning “how things are done here in your profession” to help you practice as a competent professional in Canada
  • opportunities to build new and exciting careers in Canada
  • individual career coaching and professional networking with employers to help you build your career in the quickest and the best way possible
  • a wide range of personal supports to help you through this major transition in your life (e.g., settlement supports, mental health supports, language training, financial supports, new social circles, etc.)

Check out the bridging programs MNLCT offers below. We can’t wait to welcome people from around the globe into our specialized employment and training programs!

The Bridge to Employment in Media and Communications (BEMC) program is a unique 6-month full-time program designed to prepare internationally trained media, marketing and communications professionals to secure meaningful employment or pursue entrepreneurship in Ontario.
The Bridge to Employment in Services for Immigrant Populations (BESIP) program provides internationally educated professionals with entry to a wide variety of positions in human/social/community services. You can transfer your skills from your previous education and/or experience to a fulfilling career helping others in need.
The Bridge to Registration & Employment in Mental Health (BREM) program supports immigrant mental health professionals (e.g. counselling, social work, medicine with specialization in psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, psychotherapy, therapy focusing on mental health, divinity counselling, etc.) who wish to work and license in their field.
The Bridge for Immigrant Women Reskilling into IT Professions (C-Women) Program helps professionals with a technological background who identify as women to explore the IT sector in Canada. Participants gain a better understanding of Canadian job search processes and specifically Python coding. The objective of this program is to help leverage your fundamental IT skills and institutional knowledge and upskill in Python coding training.
logo of Bridge to Employment in Media, Marketing, and Communications

The Bridge to Employment in Media and Communications (BEMC) program prepares internationally trained media, marketing, and communications professionals to find a meaningful career in Ontario in fields related to broadcast media, digital marketing, social media, communications, public relations and journalism.

The Bridge to Employment in Services for Immigrant Populations (BESIP) Program provides internationally educated professionals (IEPs) with foundational training that will give them access to a wide variety of positions in the human/social/community services sector, transferring skills from their previous education and/or experience.

logo of Bridge to Registration & Employment in Mental Health

Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM) is a full-time program designed for immigrant mental health professionals who wish to work in their field, with the option of working towards becoming a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario.

The Bridge for Immigrant Women Reskilling into IT Coding Professions (C-Women) Program supports immigrant women from all professional backgrounds in obtaining basic knowledge in computer programming to enter the IT sector.


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