I am fascinated by the LIGHTS program: Aurora’s Story  

By Claudia Porras  

In 2018, Aurora has left her daily life as a professional hair stylist in Lima, Peru to find a better future with her son in Canada. She worked as a volunteer in a food bank, and cleaned offices, among other things. She was happy to discover a new peaceful life without violence as she used to live every day in Lima.  

However, the challenges of regular life have not disappeared. A year later, she had to face an emotional crisis. She received sad news about relatives back home. They plunged her into negative feelings and impotence, which increased day by day. Anxiety grew within her. 

It was at that moment that a friend took her to the Mennonite New Life Center of Toronto to receive free psychological service in Spanish. 

Aurora is fascinated by the LIGHTS program, which not only helps with personal therapies to reduce anxiety and strengthen character. It also helps clients adjust to life in Canada more quickly. Finally, English classes help improve communication skills.

My anxiety is in the past now. I am feeling calm and open to life.”  

During the pandemic, Aurora continued to participate in the program virtually. In her daily life, she divides her time between classes, enjoying walks by the river with her son, and doing household chores. 

Aurora’s son plans to apply to college, he wants to study computer engineering. He likes computers and wants to be an independent person.  

They are currently preparing for a trip to Ottawa because her son’s dream is to see Parliament Hill and Parliament buildings, which he studied in school.  

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“The people who work for MNLCT are not only professionals, but also have a deep sense of empathy, which is very important when dealing with newcomers.”

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