My kids were the reason why I learned English: Soledad’s Story

By Claudia Porras

“When you move to Canada from Argentina, the first thing you realize is that you are in a northern country. And everything around you is different, including the language. Everyone speaks English. And it’s not easy to realize that you don’t understand anything.”

Soledad has already experienced many transformations in her life. She received a Master’s degree in theology in Argentina. It was also there that she discovered her love for childcare and worked in a kindergarten class for 6 years.

Twelve years ago, she decided to explore opportunities in Canada. New opportunities and new challenges. But how do you adapt to a new life without knowing the language? 

Her kids were the reason why she learned English. She needed to communicate with their kindergarten teachers.

The pressure of new challenges brought Soledad into crisis. She started looking for help. A friend recommended the Mennonite New Life Centre where she could find help and support.

It was during the time of the pandemic, so she couldn’t travel to the facilities. However, she and her husband received psychological therapy over the phone for 4 months.

Thanks to this therapy, I began to muster up the courage to look at life differently.”

Currently, she divides her time between taking care of her kids and English classes. Her dream is to continue enjoying her great passion and working in a kindergarten class again, so she is working on improving her English and is considering taking courses to reach her goal.

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