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BREM Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health

Are you a mental health practitioner with training from abroad seeking licensure and work in your specialty in Ontario? The BREM Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health program is the best option that can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they be to find work in the profession or to fulfill the requirements for registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Don’t let this chance to further your career pass you by; know details about the program BREM in this post.

FAQ about BREM

 How do I become a healthcare worker in Canada?

One option is through the BREM Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM) program, which is an MNLCT bridging program designed to support internationally trained mental health professionals in obtaining licensing and finding employment in their field. The program prepares participants for jobs in healthcare, specifically in the fields of counselling, social work, psychiatry, nursing, psychotherapy, and divinity counselling. 

BREM offers two streams: the Employment Stream and the Registration Stream. The Employment Stream prepares participants to find meaningful employment in the mental health field, while the Registration Stream helps participants meet the requirements for registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) as RPs (Qualifying). 

Which jobs does this program prepare for?

This program allows you to take part in the job market for the positions listed below:

Position*Average salary per year*
Psychotherapist                                                                $104,352
Mental health therapist$82,378

Salaries and positions are an estimate of the labor market and may vary depending on the professional’s profile. The data was obtained from the Job Canada and Indeed websites.

What is the purpose of the BREM in MNLCT? 

BREM is a program that started in 2009 to support internationally trained mental health professionals and its purpose is to bridge participants to licensure, and those who complete the Registration Stream may become Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying). 

Can BREM  program participants use their completion as proof of satisfying the education requirement for CRPO registration?

Yes, participants of the BREM program can demonstrate that they have met the education requirement for registration with the CRPO. Successful completion of the BREM program, along with prior international training assessed by BREM, satisfies the education and training requirement specified by the CRPO.

Participants can request a transcript from BREM to confirm their completion of the program, and they will not need to submit additional credential assessments or information about their international training to the CRPO when applying for registration.

What advantages does the BREM provide newcomers who wish to restart their careers in the field of mental health in addition to training?

Programed at full time, including:

  • Improved academic program (more than 1,100 hours, including a series of psychotherapy courses)
  • 6-month placement under supervision
  • Safe and Effective Use of Self (SEUS) seminar
  • Small-group clinical supervision
  • Mentorship, and assistance with job search.
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Who is eligible for BREM bridge program? 

To qualify for the MNLCT BREM bridging programs: 

  • Be an Ontario resident over 18 with foreign postsecondary education
  • English ability at or above CLB Level 7  
  • Legal immigration status as refugee claimants, permanent residents, and naturalized Canadian citizens. 
  • Post-secondary education in psychology or a related field, equivalent to 4yrs bachelor’s degree where a significant component is mental health (e.g. counselling, social work, medicine with specialization in psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, psychotherapy, therapy focusing on mental health, divinity counselling, etc.)
  • Minimum of two years of relevant work experience in psychotherapy, counselling or community mental health outside of Canada
  • International students or temporary foreign employees are NOT eligible. 

How can I get more information about this bridge program?

When the program’s BREM start date approaches, the teachers will present you with the curriculum in the information session. To stay updated on this and other MNLCT services, we also welcome you to sign up for our newsletters.

Flyer info session of BREM

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