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Coding for Women: Bridge for Immigrant

Are you a woman looking to break into the field of information technology? Look no further than the C-Women Program! This program provides an excellent opportunity for women of all professional backgrounds to learn Python coding and testing, as well as Quality Assurance (QA) Automation.

The C-Women Program, which aims to reskill newcomer women, provides the tools required to enter the IT industry and seek jobs as a coder. Regardless of your present skill level, you may learn to code and advance your coding skills through tech training programs and customized coaching.

Why then wait? The C-Women Program is the best place to begin if you’re a woman interested in IT and coding. Take the first step toward a bright and rewarding future in technology by finding out more about this bridging program

FAQ about C-Women Bridge

What is the most in-demand job in Canada? 

In Canada, the growth of technology and the digital transformation of businesses has led to a rising demand for skilled individuals capable of designing, constructing, and maintaining software applications. Women who are interested in programming jobs now have a great opportunity to enter a booming job market.

The C-Women Program is an excellent chance for women of various professional backgrounds to learn Python coding and testing, as well as Quality Assurance (QA) Automation.

This initiative intends to reskill newcomer women and provide them with the necessary tools to enter the IT field and pursue coding employment. Women may learn to code and improve their coding abilities with these tech training programs and individualized coaching.

How much does a junior QA Automation make in Toronto?

According to the most current update on May 10, 2023, Indeed, a specialized network of employment in Canada, a quality assurance analyst earns an average yearly salary of $62,319.

According to another website, Payscale,  the typical yearly salary for someone with a Quality Assurance (QA) certification, and Python skills in Toronto, Ontario is 70.031 CAD.

What exactly is Quality Assurance (QA) Automation? 

QA Automation is a phase of the software development life cycle in which software is tested to ensure that it functions properly. 

As per the EPM Anywhere website, most Python automation jobs involve performing the following tasks:

  • Examining the project’s needs
  • Making and putting into practice test scripts
  • Examination of test findings
  • Assembling test specifications
  • Creating plans for putting testing into action
  • Test preparation
  • Creating documents and reports
  • Automating tools integration
  • Implementation of retesting as required
  • Analyzing the data and evaluating the outcomes

A Python automation testing expert has to be able to function under direction. They frequently collaborate with analysts, manual testers, and developers, while team makeup varies by business.


What is the C-Women Program all about? 

The C-Women Program is aimed at supporting immigrant women and non-binary individuals from different professional backgrounds in accessing and succeeding in high-demand and high-paying careers in IT, regardless of their previous education or experience.

The program addresses the underrepresentation of women in STEM occupations by providing opportunities in developing apps, websites, software, databases, cloud computing, and more. With the goal of increasing the number of women in science and technology occupations, particularly in engineering and computer science, the program offers a pathway to some of the highest-paying and fastest-growing occupations.

Python knowledge exams and women’s coding events are also available to assist women who code or would like to learn to code. Joining the C-Women Program might be the first step toward a successful career in information technology for women.

What are the main topics covered in the C-Women program? 

The training program covers essential coding skills using Python in Semester 1, followed by 12 weeks of hands-on instructor-led training. In Semester 2, the program focuses on QA Automation training, which covers manual and automated testing tools, Agile Methodology, SCRUM, and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and includes 8 weeks of hands-on instructor-led classes. 

Can we solely pursue the QA automation specialty and forgo the rest of the program’s courses? 

No, because this is a government-funded bridging program, participants must participate in all aspects of the program. 

How can we learn more about the curriculum? What are we studying in a certain course? 

When the program’s start date approaches, the teachers will present you with the curriculum in the information session. To stay updated on this and other MNLCT services, we also welcome you to sign up for our newsletters.

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What kind of support and training does the C-Women Program offer to immigrant women interested in entering the IT sector in QA Automation? 

Some of the primary benefits of the program developed for women with immigration status, refugees, permanent residents, and Canadian citizens are as follows:

  • In 7 months, you will have received enhanced training that will ready you for entry-level Quality Assurance (manual and automated) Employment 
  • Individualized support to assist you in identifying and achieving your professional objectives 
  • Effective resume building, interview preparation, and leadership and workplace culture training to enhance your confidence and provide you with the skills you need to succeed. 
  • Invitations to recruitment and networking functions 
  • Guest speaker talks with IT industry specialists 
  • Individual support from settlement and mental health experts to help you overcome personal issues on an ongoing basis. 
  • Over the life of the program, you will have free access to Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) 
  • Post-program assistance and job retention advice 
  • Tech Effect offers Python and QA Automation Certifications. 
  • Payment plan that is adaptable 

What are the requirements to be eligible for the Bridge C-Women in Ontario?

The requirements that follow must be met in order for you to take part in the bridge program made available by MNLCT in collaboration with The Tech Effect:

  • Residence: Ontario
  • Main education/training obtained outside of Canada: high school diploma or equivalent; no prior IT experience necessary.
  • No prior IT knowledge necessary, minimum 2 years of work experience outside of Canada
  • CLB 7+ language proficiency
  • Immigration status legally: Convention Refugee, Permanent Resident, Refugee Claimant with Work Permit, and CUAET
  • Ability to analyze logically and mathematically and to solve problems creatively (no formal training in math or science necessary)

What additional services does MNLCT provide, particularly for immigrants and migratory women?

We also provide further services like:

FAQ about Another Bridging Program

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