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In Their Own Words…
MNLCT clients on their Canadian journey

Fatima’s Story
“MNLCT provided me with a family that I did not have in my new country”

My engagement with MNLCT has made my life in Canada a lot easier and one striking thing is that they taught me how to also help others who are in need. READ MORE


Bukola Adekanye, BEMC Alumna
Is Conformity a “Woman Thing”?

In every society, there are certain stereotypes and expectations for women to conform to. These benchmarks drive us to put up our best appearances and performance every time and in every season. It is that subconscious need to earn society’s approval, even when such standards are too expensive and cost our sense of individuality. We are expected to have a picture-perfect life all the time- be the perfect colleague, wife, mother, neighbour, boss, alongside a plethora of other roles that we play. The thing about conformity is that it stifles originality. READ MORE



Share the News!

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New Bridging Programs This Winter 2022

Bridge to Employment in Services for Immigrant Populations (BESIP)

The Bridge to Employment in Services for Immigrant Populations (BESIP) Program will help internationally educated human services professionals to transition to the Canadian job market in fields that support immigrants (such as settlement counselling, immigration consulting, employment support, and community service).

Learn More

Bridge for Immigrant Women Reskilling into IT Coding Professions (C-Women)

The Bridge for Immigrant Women Reskilling into IT Coding Professions (C-Women) Program aims to support immigrant women who are creative problem solvers (regardless of their professional background) in securing well-paying jobs in high-demand IT fields.

Learn More

BREM & BEMC Receive New Funding

MNLCT is pleased to offer the BREM (Bridge to Registration & Employment in Mental Health) & the BEMC (Bridge to Employment in Media & Communications) program once again!

We’re recruiting for the January 2022 intake.

Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM)

BREM is a bridge training program that supports immigrant mental health professionals in accessing employment and professional registration.

The BREM Program integrates academic training for mental health practice in Ontario, occupation specific language and workplace communication, and supervised placements that provide meaningful Canadian work experience.

Register for BREM here

Bridge to Employment in Media & Communications (BEMC)

BEMC is a full-time program designed to prepare internationally trained media and communications professionals to secure a meaningful career in Ontario in the fields of journalism and professional writing, broadcast media, videography, or communications and PR.

The program spans over a minimum 6 months, depending on the duration of the placement.

Register for BEMC here



Get Set for Success with our New Launch Pad Webinar Series

Learn what it takes to launch, create, and start your own business!  This series will set the foundation for making your business ideas a reality. You will interact with fellow entrepreneurs and start to solidify goals for launching your new business or taking your existing business to the next level.



Calendar of Events

Spanish Speaking Men’s GroupEvery Saturday (1-3 PM)Roberid Arias
Farsi Speaking Women’s GroupEvery Wednesday (2-4 PM)Bita Hedayati
Spanish Citizenship Classes/ Arabic Citizenship ClassesEvery Saturday (1-3 PM)/Appointment-basisCall 647-776-2057
BEMC Info SessionNov. 25 (1-3 PM)Register
Launch Pad series: Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?Nov. 27 (10:30 AM -12:30 PM)Ines Anderson
#AskMNLCT: Helping School-Aged Children Manage EmotionsNov. 30 (1- 2 PM)Register
BESIP Info SessionDec. 2 (12-1 PM)Register
She-Covery Info SessionDec. 7 (12-1 PM)Register
C-Women Info SessionDec. 8 (12-1 PM)Register



MNLCT & Kitimai Tea & Coffee present:

Warm Up To Winter!

MNLCT and local business Kitimai Tea & Coffee have teamed up to offer delicious coffee and tea just in time for the holiday season. Kitimai is donating 20% of sales to MNLCT to support vital services for newcomers. 

Use the code NEWCOMER20 when you check out and 20% of your purchase amount will be donated to MNLCT.




Donate to MNLCT

Your Support is Valuable

The successes of the Centre and its clients and participants are only made possible by the generous support we receive from those who fund and donate to our work. 

A donation to the Centre this year means that we will continue to provide meaningful settlement employment and mental health services to immigrants and refugees.

How does your donation help?

Your donation helps refugees and vulnerable immigrants make Canada home.


can reduce isolation by helping a newcomer learn how to use technology and connect to online support systems.

$120 ($10/month)

can give an individual, couple, or family a sense of hope through a series of counselling sessions.

$300 ($25/month)

can prepare newcomers to find meaningful work through regular employment coaching sessions.

$1000 ($83.33/month)

provides ongoing language training and mental health support for a vulnerable newcomer to overcome trauma and integrate into society.

Donate Here to Make a Difference

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"The Mennonite New Life Centre and its BEMC program came in very handy for me at the lowest ebb of my life by providing a lifeline and I am eternally grateful for that,”

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