In this edition (Winter 2021): Employment Storytelling | In Their Own Words… | Bridging Program | Webinar Watch | Settlement Work | Calendar of Events | MNLCT Virtual Auction! | Coming Soon

MNLCT Winter 2021 Newsletter

In this edition: Employment Storytelling | In Their Own Words… | Bridging Program | Webinar Watch | Settlement Work | Calendar of Events | MNLCT Virtual Auction! | Coming Soon

Employment Storytelling 
A New Adventure for MNLCT’s Language Students 

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MNLCT’s LINC program was handpicked for a pilot project with the Department of Imaginary Affairs to empower newcomers to learn English through their own personal and employment stories. This seven-week workshop, that is being facilitated by a team of MNLCT LINC instructors and two former LINC students, focuses on oral storytelling inspired by job interview questions.



In their own words…
MNLCT clients on their Canadian journey 

Portrait of Noureddine

A refugee’s resilience 

Noureddin Zin’s journey in Canada has been a struggle, but he’s determined to make a difference. READ MORE

Portrait of Uma

BREM student’s career takes off 

Uma Viswanathan reveals her career success upon graduating from the mental health bridging program. READ MORE 



Bridging Program
MNLCT offers ‘Applied Psychotherapy Practice in Ontario’ course 

Students sitting in class paying attention to the instructor, focus is on students' faces.

MNLCT is offering the Applied Psychotherapy Practice in Ontario (APPO) course, which is designed to prepare individuals who wish to write the Entry-to-Practice Registration Examination. This unique competency-based course is typically offered as part of the Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM) Program; however, prospective students don’t need to be enrolled in the program to take this course. 

The course is offered twice a year with sessions in the Spring and Fall. To learn more about this program and how to register, CLICK HERE. 





Webinar Watch 
In case you missed the hottest topics of the day, you can catch the latest recordings of MNLCT’s interactive webinars.




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Counter Human Trafficking 

We explored the realities behind this cruel, abusive form of exploitation. Our Counter-Human Trafficking team revealed how they work closely with individuals who have experienced forms of human trafficking, including labour trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced marriage. 


An illustration of an open envelope with a card coming out that says "MNLCT Invites"

COVID-19 Awareness 

In an effort to create awareness towards the prevention of COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic, we invited Toronto Public Health to present information sessions that focused on how residents can keep themselves, their families and the community safe. 


A sample PR Card on a green background with 2 orange circles behind the PR Card.

Maintaining PR Status 

MNLCT’s Settlement Team were joined by immigration lawyer Prasanna Balasundaram to answer questions about the responsibilities and legalities pertaining to maintaining PR status in Canada.  


A mockup of the MNLCT Newcomer Support App on an iphone on a geometric coloured background.

Our Mobile App Journey 

We shared the significance of MNLCT’s Newcomer Support App and how such applications can benefit clients, staff and non-profit organizations considering embarking on a similar journey. 






Settlement Work 
The Art of Agility and Adaptation 



A settlement worker seeing a client in her office, they're both wearing masks over their mouths with glass partition between them.



MNLCT’s Settlement Team has been playing a crucial role in providing programs and services to newcomer populations across Ontario, amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Team has come to the forefront as a frontline service provider while the organization quickly evolved to remain agile.  

As it adapted to the “new normal”, MNLCT transitioned more and more of its services to virtual platforms, which enabled it to continue offering important services to clients during these harsh times.





Calendar of Events

Spanish Speaking Men’s GroupAlternating Saturday afternoons (ongoing program)Roberid Arias
Spanish Speaking Women’s GroupEvery Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (ongoing program)Rosario Navarro
Farsi Speaking Women’s GroupEvery Monday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM (ongoing program)Bita Hedayati
Entrepreneurial Leadership Training and Launch LabEvery Saturday (6 sessions)Ines Anderson
Leading to Choices: Leadership Training for Women WorkshopEvery Wednesday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (4 sessions)Lizeth Teran
Bita Hedayati
Digital Literacy Project (basic technology skills training)By appointment only (in English, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish)

MNLCT Launches Virtual Auction on February 21!

An illustrated winter scene with tops of snowcapped trees along the bottom and"Winter Auction" written above in the sky with snowflakes falling.

MNLCT is hosting its first virtual Winter Silent Auction from February 21-28. Your participation will help vulnerable immigrants and refugees access vital services in settlement, mental health, language, employment, and counter human trafficking.

Lots of great items up for grabs, including a piece of pop culture that is sure to be popular!

Follow our social media channels for exclusive product reveals and to learn how to participate.




Coming Soon

MNLCT Invites… Ryerson University, February 23

Want to upgrade your career skills and improve your interpersonal communication? Join this information session on the Workplace Communication in Canada course, which starts on March 20. READ MORE

Calendar, February 25


#AskMNLCT: Thriving in a Transitional Media Landscape, February 25

Experts discuss opportunities and challenges within the changing media sector. READ MORE

Calendar, March 11 

MNLCT Workshop: Criteria for Citizenship, March 11

Our settlement team discusses new regulations for citizen applicants. More information coming soon.

#AskMNLCT: Higher Education for a Brighter Career Path, March 24 

Trying to decide if pursuing a Canadian degree will boost your career options? More information coming soon.





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